2014 Nissan Rogue

Expensive price tag; around 27mpg; ride is comfortable and compliant; steering is completely numb, feels like nothing at low speed situations, tightens up at higher speeds, don’t mind that, but the lack of feeling is unsettling; wanders a little on highway at speed; wouldn’t think 170hp in this size vehicle would be enough, but it does surprisingly well accelerating at highway speeds, getting onto the highway from standstill is a different story; still don’t like cvt’s, but it helps keep rpms low, even at higher speeds(less than 3000rpm at 80mph); seats are comfortable, but wish it had a tiny bit more lateral support; gauges are nice and elegant looking; wish the center lcd would display speed though; interior is very nice for a vehicle in this class, soft touches; quality materials, don’t like the fake carbon fiber plastic though, and the steering wheel could use a little more girth; sun visors so big they flop down and dont stay all the way up; looks much, much better than previous generation, less frumpy and more aggressive; miss when Nissan’s had soul, hard to find in today’s Nissan’s.

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