When you think of car reviews, you think of guys with highly technical backgrounds, testing cars to their full potential. Magazines, online blogs, tv shows, all present cars that are tested and pushed. You rarely get honest opinions from your everyday working guy. I plan to change that with this blog. I’m first and foremost a photographer/photo editor by trade so these will be mostly photo heavy reviews, I am in no way the all knowing automotive professional. I am however a diehard automobile addict as I’ve been playing with cars, reading about cars, and looking at cars my entire life. I’m one of those guys that can tell you the make and model of a car just by seeing the headlights or tail lights.
It was not until I bought my first car(2008 Subaru Legacy Spec B) on my own at the age of 24 that I began my journey into the mechanics and technicalities of the automobile, so you will not be getting 100% technical opinions or advice here, just your run of the mill honest opinion about cars I get to drive around in for a day or maybe a few days here and there. I’ll give you my opinions on their ability to live with in a “normal” person’s daily life. So if you want an unbiased, honest opinion about a car for your everyday Joe, I hope my thoughts and photos will help.
-Wheels of the Cog