2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid

Ride is nice and comfortable, especially on dirt trails; can feel the extra weight of the battery in the back, going over bumps mid-turn will bump the rear out a tiny bit, which you can feel especially on wet roads; engine restart is rough, first time it did it I though I was hit from behind; not worth it over the regular, non-hybrid version, doesn’t get much better fuel mileage, I averaged around 30mpg, which isn’t great for a hybrid; overall it’s a good first effort by Subaru for a hybrid, they just need to work out some kinks, get some better MPG’s and keep the capabilities, and they’ll surely have a winner on their hands; could be a perfect fit for those outdoorsy Subaru fans who want to help save the Earth.

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

So I’ve never really driven a hybrid before this car. I’ve been a passenger in one, and have never really liked the way they sounded. Unfortunately, the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid doesn’t change that. However, I must say that they have done a very nice job with the way this car feels, drives and rides.

The interior has very nice appointments, which you would expect from Honda in this particular segment. Everything feels fairly nice. Soft touch accents all around and it is pretty much very comfortable to live with. I wasn’t really able to test the driving dynamics from a sporty standpoint given the weather was not cooperating, but from a daily driver standpoint it is certainly a good one. Around town the drivetrain is more than enough to get you from point A to point B, and surprisingly is a little peppy. While there are technically 3 different modes that the car runs in, it mainly runs in hybrid mode, however, there’s a little button that you can press that will operate it completely in electric mode, so long as you don’t push the “gas” pedal too hard. My only quibble was when the 2-cylinder engine engaged to help drive the wheels. From my standpoint, it was very noticeable, but then again, I tend to notice every little change, noise, and squeak. I specifically noticed it mainly on the highway. You’d be driving along cruising at a steady speed, and you’ll feel a slight surge forward. While not a huge surge, and surely not a big deal, but it caught me by surprise the first time I felt it. Its almost as if the car wanted to accelerate on its own, but then decided not to. A little scary at first, but if you don’t notice it, it’ll never bother you, and most likely you’ll get used to it.

Overall, the Accord Hybrid is very good. What more could you ask for. Its quiet, comfortable, sporty, has all the right features, plus it nets up to 50mpg in the city. So the next time you’re in the market for a hybrid, I highly suggest you take one out for a spin. Its far more enjoyable than the more “appliance” hybrids.